How To Draw Dragon Horns And Other Addons

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Once you have got a dragon that has its main features designed, the next step is to make it look less bare and more interesting. There are more than a handful of things you can add on to a dragon including horns. With those handful of features, you can create countless of different looking dragons.


There are many types of horns. Seek inspiration from nature and study them. Many different animals, existing and extinct, have (or had) horns that either served them for their life style. In some cases they were so elaborate that it merely served the purpose of proving to the oppossite sex that it was a healthy candidate.

Different Types of Dragon Horns

Whatever the reasons may be, nature can help us give different twists to the horns of these mythical creatures. The horns may be short and stubby, or long, or curved like a schimitar.

Mounting Horns

If the different types of horns were not enough, the different ways you can mount or attach the horn to the dragon can multiply the possiblity.

Mounting Dragon Horns - Style 1

The simple and straight forward way is to mount it on the head or behind the jaw. But you need not restrict yourself to just that spot. Or even just two horns.

Mounting Dragon Horns - Style 2

And it is not just the head where you can add horns. You can add it along the spine. If the dragon has heavy set limbs, you can have the horns sprout out of the elbow, knee or the ankle joints of the limbs.

Other Addons

There are other various things you can add to a dragon. For example, you need not restrict the tail to be a simple pointed one.

Dragon Tail

You can make it spear headed. Or you can even make it like a club head at the end.

Think of other things you can add to a dragon. A chinese dragon would make a good composition and style to have tendril like things placed on its face.

Dragon Addon Tendrils

Want to make your dragon look more unique. Why not skip the horns and add spidery extensions?

Dragon Addon Tentacle Spidery

As you may have noticed, these are very rough sketches and they follow the same steps as drawing other parts of Dragon. Drawing construction lines and then sketching over it to get a clean line art. Here, I actually wanted to elaborate on the different possibilities and did not focus much on getting a clean line art. You should be following a similar process until you get a clear dragon concept. Keep drawing small rough sketches focusing first on the structure of the body and head, then adding wings, limbs and talons. After that focus on adding these other features that would give the dragon a unique character.

I will be using these techniques and working on some elaborate projects on drawing dragons. I will do one each as a digital painting and as a vector illustration. So do subscribe to the KalaaLog Feeds (or use the email subscription form) and stay tuned.

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    how kool this looks awsome!!


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    I am becoming a dragon drawer because im obsessed with them thanks xx


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    Im becoming a dragon drwaer cause i just lve them


  5. Vyoma’s avatar

    Great, Neyna and Gavin! Dont forget to check out the Dragon Workshop.


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    hi can u put up a fully finnished dragon


  7. Ruthie’s avatar

    Yeh id love to see a completelyfinished dragon from your point of view =]


  8. Vyoma’s avatar

    Ruthie, in terms of finished work, I rarely leave any work at illustration stage. I either do digital painting or vector illustration.

    Check out my earlier attempts:
    Digital painting of medieval dragon
    Vector illustration of Chinese dragon


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    ya…um… … …they look…like spiders and give me the creeps…i hate spiders!


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    but… all in all there not that bad…



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