Painting A Peacock

Painting A Peacock

  • Software: GIMP or Photoshop
  • Level: Advanced
  • Subject: Peacock

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There have been many people coming over to searching for articles on drawing/painting a peacock – the only tutorial here until now was on illustrating peacock feather. So, here is a walk-through and screen shots of the peacock painting I did.

Concept And Sketch

Painting A Peacock - Concept

Searching for peacock images, and getting a rough idea of its form is quite easy. After that, create a neater sketch in another layer over it and delete (or hide) the concept layer.

Painting A Peacock - Sketch

Background And Other Details

Painting A Peacock - Background

Since the subject is having cool colors, a warm colored background would be good composition wise.

Painting A Peacock - Branch Rough

Before proceeding with painting the peacock, the branch is painted first. I planned to use less number of layers, and wanted to go with a traditional approach. Hence, start painting from objects in the back. In this case, the branch that the peacock is sitting on.

Painting A Peacock - Branch Details

Painting The Peacock

Painting A Peacock - Rough Paint

Start out by blocking out the basic colors over the sketch in the same layer taking care of the branch. This gives it a more blended feel. There are only two layer in this painting – one is for the background, and the other is for the branch and the peacock.

Painting A Peacock - Details

Final Peacock Artwork

Painting A Peacock - Final Artwork

You can see a larger view at deviantART entry in order to study the details.

Do let me know if you want details on how I did any specific are of this painting. Just use the comment form to ask – I would try to reply.

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  1. Sarah’s avatar

    Awesome painting! I would like to learn how to draw the peacock insted of painting it though. Could you set up a page of how to draw a peacock or something similar to that? Thank-you!
    Sarah , MN


  2. Vyoma’s avatar

    Sure, Sarah. Let me do a bit of research on it and I will post one on drawing peacock.


  3. thomas’s avatar

    that is the beautiful peacock i have seen so far in my life by the way i am just turned 10 and i am trying to find a good sketch. Who ever did this could you find another good drawing of a peacock.


  4. Vyoma’s avatar

    Hi Thomas. Thanks for the comments.

    Are you intending to just find another peacock drawing, or wanting to learn how to draw a peacock?

    For more drawings and paintings, you could try searching at deviantART. Many artists have depicted this beautiful creature.

    If you want to learn how to draw, hang on there for a while. I am planning on making a tutorial (or a set of them). :)


  5. Amy’s avatar

    Beautiful image. Nice tutorial, I love to see the workflow of fellow artists. And I love peacocks :-)


  6. Thomas’s avatar

    I have seen hundreds of drawings of these peacocks this one is gorgeous I like the the way that the back round has all these combinations of tones.
    :) :D


  7. Vyoma’s avatar

    Thanks Amy!

    And thank you Thomas too!

    PS: Sorry for the delay in approving comments. I have been too busy with my day job lately.


  8. Tina’s avatar

    this is such a cool pecock. we had an art project and we had to draw any animal or bird. so i decided to draw a peacock. my prents and my teachers loved it. i feel so jealous when i see this picture. it’s 10 times better than mine. is there more tutorials??:)


  9. Zackary’s avatar

    Can we draw using a mouse or must it be a tablet?


  10. s pavithra’s avatar

    i will join rankoli competion.please send me peacock kolam in latest design.


  11. Jalexis’s avatar

    Love it. I drew this and instead of painting it, I colored it with color pencils. Wonderful drawing by the way.


  12. jules’s avatar

    I am in awe of your painting ability. The peacock painting is stunning!


  13. ariel davis’s avatar

    I love that picture I drew it for my mom’s friends birthday today she loved it a lot


  14. ariel davis’s avatar

    And I have to peacocks there really fUN to raise



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