Illustrating Chinese Dragon – Part 1

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  • Software: Inkscape (or other vector graphics software)
  • Level: Advanced
  • Subject: Chinese Dragon

Dragon Workshop: Head | Body | Scales | Wings | Limbs And Talons | Horns And Other Addons | More…

This is less of a tutorial and more of a walk-through of creating a vector illustration of a Chinese dragon. I will be applying several techniques, which are posted earlier.

Concept and Lineart

Chinese Dragon - Concept

As with most of the artworks, I start roughing out different ideas, and then settle on one. After that, a definite lineart is created.

Chinese Dragon - Line Art

Vector Shapes

Chinese Dragon - Illustrating - Basic Shapes

After importing the lineart into Inkscape, the basic bulk of the dragon shape is created.

Chinese Dragon - Illustrating - Basic Shape Filled

More Outlines

Chinese Dragon - Illustrating - Basic Head Shape

Sending the base shape behind the imported image, more smaller parts are outlined.

Chinese Dragon - Illustrating - Basic Smaller Shapes - 1

All similar parts are given same color.

Chinese Dragon - Illustrating - Basic Smaller Shapes - 2

Once, one set of smaller shapes are completed, the remaining parts are done. You may need to bring the imported line art to the front, as and when you complete drawing a part.

Chinese Dragon - Illustrating - Basic Smaller Shapes - 3

Notice how the darker base shape, becomes an outline as the smaller shapes are drawn.

Chinese Dragon - Illustrating - Basic Shapes - Completed

At this point in time, I play around a bit with the color composition, and settle on a green + yellow + red color scheme.

Be sure to choose the proper colors at this stage itself, because next, a large number of shapes will be drawn in order to detail the illustration.

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  1. jo13’s avatar

    wow. man this is really help me to drawing with inkscape. thank you



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