Drawing A Standing Peacock

Drawing A Standing Peacock

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Subject: Standing Peacock

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I was doodling in my Moleskine earlier as Sarah had asked for some tutorials on drawing peacock.

The peacock has the anatomy like the other birds, except that, the male peacock has elaborate feathers. You can draw the peacock, either standing or dancing. This tutorial is on drawing a standing peacock.


The construction lines for a standing peacock is something like this.

Drawing A Standing Peacock - Construction

You can keep the head turned in any direction. I kept it turning inwards, because the flow lines (shown by light blue arrows) make a nice ‘S’ shape – which gives a good composition. The head (red circle), the neck (green), the body (dark blue) and the legs (brown) are quite same for most birds that have long neck. If you want your drawing to be more stylized try making the neck more slender. The signature of a peacock, its feathers, makes up most of its volume.


I drew this on computer, and for that, I lightened the construction layer, and drew the line art in a separate layer.

Drawing A Standing Peacock - Sketch

If you are drawing it on paper, make the construction lines very faint and light. After that, start drawing the details with a bolder pencil.

Line Art

Deleting the construction layer (or hiding it), gives me the line art, and it is ready for further treatment (or you can leave it at that).

Drawing A Standing Peacock - Line Art
If you are doing this on paper, consider going over the sketch with black ink and then deleting all the extra construction lines.

Practice drawing the standing peacock in various poses and angles. After a while, you should get the hang of it.

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  1. Anon’s avatar

    Good drawing


  2. armand’s avatar

    hi!your drawing is top,please let us have more.Armand


  3. Vyoma’s avatar

    Thank you, anon, armand.

    Do not hesitate to send suggestions or let me know of the topics you would like to me to draw/illustrate/paint – use my contact form.


  4. wyvernzero’s avatar

    keep up the good wrk w the drawing but i was kinda looking for a more advanced peacock anatomy lesson do u kno where i can find ?


  5. ?????’s avatar

    Do you use graphics tablet?


  6. megalu’s avatar

    Good Technic …………but peacock is a really tough task.


  7. megalu’s avatar

    could have given colour too.


  8. sugi’s avatar

    Very nice tutorial.



  9. Stone Heart’s avatar

    more detail please


  10. ahsan’s avatar

    this is hard ;(


  11. minnie’s avatar

    a perfect drawing to give someone……..thanks!



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