Draw An Angry Cat

Draw An Angry Cat

  • Level: Beginner
  • Subject: (Angry) Cat profile

This would be a simple walkthrough on drawing a cat – the profile or the side view.

I did this particular sketch in GIMP, but you can use any software – or even try it out on paper with pencil.


Draw An Angry Cat - 0 - Guide

If you are doing this on paper, draw the guides using fainter pencil strokes. (You do not need to use blue or any particular color). In GIMP (or other software), start with a new layer.

Draw An Angry Cat - 1 - Guide

Bisect the top right quadrant and then draw a triangle at the end of it. (Do the same on the top left, if you want a right facing cat). This would be for the ear.

Draw An Angry Cat - 2 - Guide

Draw a similar, but rounded triangle on the left bottom. (Right bottom if you are doing the opposite). This would be a guide to draw the mouth and nose.

Draw An Angry Cat - 3 - Guide

Almost at the middle of the left half, mark out the area where the eyes would go.


Draw An Angry Cat - 4 - Sketch

Now on a separate layer, and black color, draw the line art using the guides. On paper, use more pressure and create darker line. After some practice, you can even use black ink pen.

Use the guides underneath and it should be easy. Most of the deatils are on the left bottom quadrant. The nose would be a small traingular shape. Across the disection, draw the mouth line. Over it, draw the whiskers.

Draw An Angry Cat - 5 - Line art

Observe the flow of the fur. The outer edges need not be perfect curved lines, as long as the direction of the jaggedness matches the flow of the fur.

Now you can switch of the guide layer. If you had done this on paper, you can use the eraser to lightly erase the guide lines.

Draw An Angry Cat - 6 - Finish

You can apply further treatment to the line art for practice. But after a couple of runs, you should be adept at drawing the cat in the profile view. You can further practice by displaying different moods by changing the directiton of the eyes, mouth and the ears – the basic technique though remains the same.

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  1. armand’s avatar

    Hi,thanks for the angry cat,please when you may have another like that don`t forget me.Many thanks.Armand.


  2. Mimi’s avatar

    Nicccccceeeeeee! You know, if you can draw a cat with all the details like that, then you can draw animals like horses. You know, animals with fur, or with scales like a dragon (drawing dragons are fun!). You really are a talented artist! Next, you can try drawing a realistic human. It might take a while to perfect everything, but if you can draw this, you can draw just about anything else. Keep it up!
    Mimi :)


  3. Vyoma’s avatar

    Thanks Mimi! Words like yours keep me going.

    I did try my hand at horses and dragons. These days, I am trying to work on humanoid creatures too.


  4. bethany’s avatar

    ive tried cats and dragons i think ill try people



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