Draw a Horse Head

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Subject: Horse Head in profile

This tutorial should get you going on drawing horses – the head specifically.

You should be able to reproduce the results either digitally or using pencil, pen, paper and a good eraser. If you would like to study the results, you can download it at the end of this tutorial.

Basic Shape

Draw Horse Head - 1 - Rough Guide

First, try to imagine and breakdown the seemingly complicated head of the horse. You will notice that it is sphere for the head, a cylindrical protruding to the muzzle and another much smaller sphere for that area. On the profile view, it becomes circles and a cylinder. The neck too is a cylindar and on profile, it would become a rectangle – but to make it interesting, I twisted it a bit.

With the guide in your minds eye, draw these rough shapes to gain confidence before moving on to actual sketching.

Draw Horse Head - 2 - Rough

When you are drawing this on paper, try to make the rough lines as light as possible. If you are doing this in a graphics editor – and it provides layers (like GIMP and Photoshop do), do not worry about the intensity/darkness of the lines. For the next step, start in a layer over this and reduce the opacity of the rough layer.


Draw Horse Head - 3 - Sketch Guide

Before proceeding with the sketchcing, observe some of the details that make up the feature of the hourse. The muzzle has a hemi-sperical shape and when it opens its mouth, there is a distict profile silhoutte. The forehead has a bump and the strong jaw muscle causes a bulge on the underside of the head near the neck joint. Do not forget the mane that runs down the back of the neck from behind its ears.

With the above details in mind, start sketching the outline and the details. Try to keep the flow of your strokes along the form of the horse’s head.

Draw Horse Head - 4 - Sketch

If you are doing this on pencil, you can do it a little darker than the rough, or you could switch to a softer (and hence darker) pencil like 2B or 4B.


On paper, lightly erase the pencil lines and start drawing with a black pen.

Draw Horse Head - 5 - Line Work

If you are doing this digitally, switch to a new layer, and reduce opacity of the sketch layer. (You can turn off or delete the rough layer).

It may be difficult to give varying thickness to the lineart when done on paper, but going parallel to the already drawn lines and filling it up would do – be very careful when you are doing this. Like in the digital medium, you do not have an undo feature while using a pen.

Draw Horse Head - 6 - Completed Line Art

In the digital medium, using the pressure sensitivity and a inking tool makes it real easy to create the lineart with varying thickness.

You can download the finished artwork and open it to see the different layers to see the progression.

Draw Horse Head - XCF | Draw Horse Head - PSD

If you found this tutorial helpful, pass on the link to your friends or whoever you think might be intrested.

And do subscribe to KalaaLog.com feeds (or use the email subscription form) if you have not done already. I plan to write more such tutorials aimed at both beginner and intermediate levels.

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  1. JennaUnseld’s avatar

    This website is cool, because you can learn how to draw a horse!


  2. Ann’s avatar

    i have a book holder and it looks just like that.i love horses.that pic is really good.



    1. kaylyn phillips’s avatar

      me to but i have a dog and cat book cover.


  3. colline’s avatar

    omg that rox


  4. Zoe horselover’s avatar

    Hello! I love horses! I also love drawing horses. But I never seem to get the head completely perfect. Im impressed by the drawing! Its very well done tho. But could you teach us how to draw a horse a horse without the horse having a mean head? because this one looks pretty mean….well, thats my comen. but for the rest its very well done!


    1. Vyoma’s avatar

      I think I understand what you are saying Zoe. :)
      I will surely take up this project when I get time and start posting again.


  5. diana’s avatar

    that is a totally awesome horse head


  6. Sydney’s avatar

    The horse looks really nice. I can’t be able to draw it. can you make it more simple looking but not ugly. I’m doing this for the yearbook contest.


  7. tessla’s avatar

    yo this is good and all but i am better no offense jus wanna let ya know!!!no hard feelings!!!!!!:)


    1. omg’s avatar

      You “think” you can do better, but show no proof.


  8. adrian’s avatar

    ohhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was really nice I’m so impressed its so beautiful I cannot believe you got to draw it oh my !!!!!! you’re so great I lOve It it’s so simpple but its looks good GOOD JOB guysssssss :)


  9. fanofgaga100’s avatar

    it was okayy but u need more sensible horses


  10. tayla’s avatar

    hi its so cool i love it


  11. sharon’s avatar

    this drawing is awesome men but it looks hard but it is simple lol who ever drew it is a expert lmao i love it


  12. NsAnE’s avatar

    this is great beyond belief. I was looking to make a unicorn and decided to make a horse head first, and this was just amazing. Now I have a BA unicorn!!!


  13. HorseDrawer’s avatar

    I thought this would be like a realistic horse head, what im looking for, but it looks really good! :D btw im only 12.


  14. natalita’s avatar

    its really good and all but it looks mad and edgy..no offence :D


  15. katie’s avatar

    I love horses and looking at horses and lovin ridibg horses
    katie cary


  16. katie’s avatar

    this wbsite i coll you can learn how to draw horses


  17. katie’s avatar

    i have a book holder and it looks just like that.i love horses.that pic is really good.


  18. farrah’s avatar

    well that was just fantastic


  19. hannah’s avatar

    my horse looks tarab!


  20. Stone Heart’s avatar

    how to draw some math vectors


  21. David from Chile’s avatar

    Nice but ears are looking back. Horses can’t do that.


  22. angel’s avatar

    i tried drawing this,and i stink :/ although, im only 9…. so yeah.

    ps this is my sisters email thingy



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