Setting up Isometric Grid in Inkscape

In this tutorial, we will be looking at setting up Inkscape for Isometric illustration.

Isometric projection is a type of axonometric projection. It is commonly used in engineering drawing. It is also used in some form of info-graphics.

While creating 3D illustrations in isometric projection, it becomes easy to draw if there is an isometric grid to be used as a guide. Inkscape makes it quite straight forward to setup a isometric grid.

I am using Inkscape version 0.48 here; the feature to setup the grid though should be available in couple of older versions.

Open up Inkscape, and choose ‘Document Properties’ from the ‘File’ menu. You can access it via the toolbar too.

Swith to the ‘Grids’ tab in the dialog box and then choose ‘Axonometric Grid’ from the drop down menu. Click on [New] button.

By default, the angles would be configured for Isometric grid – that is, 30 degress for both Angle X and Angle Z.

You may change the spacing parameter if you want if you feel the grid lines are too close to each other.

You can close the dialog box.

Make sure you have the Snap to grids button in the Snap Bar enabled.

Now you are ready for creating isometric illustrations.

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  1. Enigmatuz’s avatar

    great! you are back again.
    I followed all your previous tutorials, and I am happy to see you come back :)


    1. Vyoma’s avatar

      Thanks Enigmatuz!

      I wouldn’t call myself ‘back’ yet. :) But I hope to put out some articles this year.


      1. Enigmatuz’s avatar

        Good. I’ll be waiting.
        Best regards from Portugal.


  2. Casey’s avatar

    Wow. I’ve been using Inkscape for at least a year now, and I didn’t even realize that there is an isometric grid. This is going to help me on so many projects, I can’t thank you enough!


  3. johnvile’s avatar

    Thats simply brilliant. I’d say it was up there with pressing “F” twice in Photoshop



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